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Turner Septic Services

Focused on expertise in septic evaluation, pumping, and superior service,

we make your number two problems, our number one solution. 

Our Services Include

Septic Inspections - Septic Pumping - Septic Repair - Riser Installations

Septic Camera Work - Septic Tank Location - Lite Tractor Work


"Seth came to install a riser on the septic. He was very honest and told us the way the tank was set up that we really didn't need one. Saved me quite a bit of money. They came the following day and pumped the tank. They were quick, very friendly and very efficient. I highly recommend them. Great bunch of people!"


"I had used another Septic Company in my area to drain my septic tank and quite frankly it was such an awful experience, I dreaded having it done again. I just happened to notice Turner Septic Services truck on the side of the road and pulled over to see if they would be willing to drain my septic tank. They took down my number and called that evening and scheduled an appointment several days later. They arrived when they said and the young woman who drained my tank was friendly and knowledgable and patiently explained all my nagging questions about my septic system. The company exudes youthful enthusiasm and it was a great pleasure to do business with them. I almost look forward to having my septic tank drained! Can't go wrong with them! 


"We had Turner Septic come out to a house we recently purchased to do a septic inspection and also pump the tank. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Seth for the inspection and not only was he a great guy but he also took the time to explain the specifics of our entire system to me. I like to know how things work so when something goes wrong I understand why. Seth made sure I knew how everything worked and why. Overall fantastic vendor experience. They are already scheduled for regular visits!"


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